Exceptional Parisian Footwear

Established in 1935 rue Vivienne in Paris, a spot that still harbors its lovely shop to this day, Aubercy is a family-owned House that offers amongst the most beautiful and luxurious shoes in the world.

Under the direction of Xavier Aubercy, the small business enjoys a stellar reputation that shines far across the French borders. By offering a vast choice of models and lasts, Aubercy has earned a wide clientele of faithful and passionate gentlemen that keeps growing steadily, as more fall under the spell of Aubercy’s many charms. A very warm and endearing House that tirelessly offers shoes brimming with personality year after year, and that keeps preserving a certain ideal of what luxury retail should be. A House that every shoe aficionado should visit one day.


  • Hybrid model, half oxford, half derby
  • “Art deco” inspiration
  • Four eyelet
  • A very unique shoe with a distinctive design


  • One of a kind shoe that can be described as a “half-derby”
  • Very original pattern and design
  • A strong-personality shoe


  • Toe cap oxford, British inspiration
  • Classic round last aka “sucette”
  • Adelaide “Lyre” design
  • Five eyelet
  • An elegant city oxford

Xavier Norvégien

  • Whole cut shoe from one single piece of skin
  • Five eyelets
  • Norwegian stitch construction
  • A shoe crafted according to the gospels of traditional shoe-making
  • Has the potential to last a lifetime if well maintained
Xavier NorvégienXavier Norvégien


  • The classical toe cap oxford par excellence
  • Round “sucette” last
  • Goodyear hand-welted construction
  • Hugo Jacomet’s preferred Aubercy’s model


  • Balmoral toe cap oxford
  • One the house signature models
  • Fine stitch work
  • Five eyelets
  • A timeless elegance

Lawrence 2

  • Buttoned Balmoral boot
  • Re-edition of an Aubercy model from the 30’s
  • Hand made button holes. Comes with a buttonhook
  • Wonderful stitching details and perforations
  • A perfectly mastered exercise in style
Lawrence 2Lawrence 2


  • Contemporary penny loafers
  • Named after the French famous “Gentleman Thief»
  • Creative design of the strap
  • One of the most beautiful penny loafer on the market


  • V front derby
  • Emblematic model named after the founder André Aubercy
  • Two eyelet
  • A timeless elegance


  • Lace up Balmoral boot
  • A classic Aubercy model from the late 1930’s
  • A very sleek and elegant boot