Mes Chaussettes Rouges

The best selection of men’s socks on the Web

Founded in 2012 by two young French entrepreneurs, “Mes Chaussettes Rouges” (“My Red Socks”) quickly became one of the leading online store dealing in luxury socks retailing. MCR first made a name for itself by distributing the Gammarelli range of socks, which are made at the Vatican and are traditionally worn by ecclesiastics of the Catholic church, the red model being worn by the Pope himself.

The young business was fast to expand upon its initial success, and now offers what is probably one of the best selection of luxury socks available on the current market. Beautiful products from Gammarelli, Mazarin, Bresciani and Gallo can now be found at MCR’s store, which includes a selection of “technical” socks for hunting, hiking, or horse riding. A well curated store, with quality customer service, that sells great products at a very good price/quality ratio. Mes Chaussettes Rouge is a very laudable success story founded on a simple idea. We love it !

Bresciani (1 / 2)

  • From the respected house Bresciani
  • Quality products of a very serious make
  • Vast choice of patterns and colors
Bresciani (1 / 2)Bresciani (1 / 2)Bresciani (1 / 2)Bresciani (1 / 2)

Mazarin Stries

  • Subtle yet original patterns
  • Very nuanced, easy to coordinate
  • Knee-high socks knit and darned by hand in Italy
Mazarin StriesMazarin StriesMazarin StriesMazarin Stries

Mazarin cachemire

  • Knee-high socks in cashmere
  • Soft and warm
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Made in Italy
Mazarin cachemireMazarin cachemireMazarin cachemireMazarin cachemire

Mazarin Vives

  • Knee-high socks in vivid and original colors
  • Made in Italy
  • Cotton lisl
Mazarin VivesMazarin VivesMazarin VivesMazarin Vives

Mazarin sport

  • Technical knee-high socks range
  • For hunting, skiing, horse-riding, and hiking
  • Available in wool, cashmere, and mohair wool
Mazarin sportMazarin sportMazarin sportMazarin sport

Bresciani (2 / 2)

  • From the respected house Bresciani
  • Socks and knee-high socks in many different fabrics
  • Linen, wool, yak, silk, cashmere, alpaga
Bresciani (2 / 2)Bresciani (2 / 2)Bresciani (2 / 2)Bresciani (2 / 2)

Mazarin soie

  • Exceptional comfort
  • All the lightness of fine silk
  • Perfect in black for formal events
  • Churchill once said that everyone should experience wearing silk socks at least once in their lives…
Mazarin soieMazarin soieMazarin soieMazarin soie


  • Very creative and prolific maker
  • Vast collection of patterns and colors
  • New collections for each season

Mazarin sobres

  • Discreet knee-high socks, easy to coordinate with any outfit
  • Made in Italy
  • Cotton lisle and merino wool
Mazarin sobresMazarin sobresMazarin sobresMazarin sobres


  • The original product of house Gammarelli, tailors to Vatican ecclesiastics
  • Three emblematic colors : red, purple and black
  • Red is for Popes, purple is for cardinals, black is for priests